“Fill your mind with good and surround yourself with people who lift you up.”

Lewis Howes


I find Social Media gives us a fantastic opportunity of being able to communicate with people and companies, and by following them you get a great insight into areas that may be of interest to you, with access like never before.

So I’ve decided to share with you some of the people that I follow, who inspire me in different areas I’m interested in.  These people make me want to learn more, give me top tips and hours of enjoyment from seeing their updates.

These are the top people I follow right now for beauty, fashion, inspiration and fitness.  I hope to share more with you in the future for other areas I’m interested in too….


The beauty industry is massive, and what I look for in this area is just to get some expert tips on how to apply make up better, which products they recommend to use, and to help keep me updated on all the latest product releases (cause lets face it there are soooo many to choose from, and you can never have enough make up – right!?).

These are the people I find most helpful for beauty tips and make up looks, to inspiring pictures, with great tutorials, sharing tried and tested products, to the latest trends and letting us in behind the scenes of their world.

First up is the fabulous Lisa Potter-Dixon aka Lisa Benefit, she is definitely a ‘BeneBabe’!  She is very positive with years of knowledge in this area, who can help you achieve catwalk and realistic looks.  Lisa’s tutorials are fun and very easy to follow and she is an expert when it comes to brows.  Check out her work to see amazing looks created by Lisa and for all your expert skincare and make-up tips.  For more on Lisa;

Instagram – Instagram.com/lisapotterdixon

Twitter – @Lisa_Benefit

YouTube – youtube.com/lisapotter-dixon

Website – http://lisapotterdixon.co.uk/about/

Now for Alessandra Steinherr, who is truly stunning.  The Creative & Beauty Director at Glamour, an award winning journalist and beauty blogger.  Alessandra will give you the lowdown on her tried and tested products and tips on how to look after your skin, with exceptional make up and lifestyle advice.  I adore her Instagram, where you also get to see some of the stunning places that she visits too.  For more on Alessandra;

Instagram – Instagram.com/alexsteinherr

Twitter – @AlexSteinherr

Website –  http://alessandrasteinherr.com/

Lastly, but my no means least is Tina Brocklebank, a talented pro make up artist from Lincolnshire, she has a wealth of experience and comes up with some incredible make up looks.  Tina is also the Beauty Editor for The Lincolnshire Journal Magazine (Instagram @thejournallincs) you can see her column in the Journal Magazine.  For more on Tina;

Instagram – Instagram.com/tinabrocklebankmakeup

Twitter – @tinabrocklebank

Website – https://www.tinabrocklebank.co.uk/ 


For me it has to be In The Frow aka Victoria, this lady is such a beaut!  Not only that but a very talented blogger to match.  Victoria’s site In The Frow, (which is aptly named since frow is the term given for being front row at fashion shows), will inspire you with stylish and trendy looks, to showing some incredible places to visit, sharing with us her expertise in fashion, beauty and travel.  Her kindness and positivity shines through, making it feel like you’re getting clothes and shopping tips from your best friend (insert heart emoji moment!!).  I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of meeting Victoria at one of her events and she is genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve met, very warming and more than happy to help and share her advice.  Victoria is also an ambassador for beauty and hair with L’Oréal Paris.  For more on In The Frow;

Instagram – Instagram.com/inthefrow

Twitter – @inthefrow

YouTube – youtube.com/inthefrow

Blog – https://www.inthefrow.com/


Well I can’t live with out a bit of ‘Inspo’ in my life.  Yes I like those inspirational and motivational quotes you get on Social Media and I do find that these can help me stay focused throughout the day, and keep me on track with my goals.  Get involved by using those hashtags that get you hooked, such as, #MondayMotivation, #WednesdayWisdom #ThursdayThoughts #FridayFeeling and many more.  This has even helped fulfil a little mindfulness.

I’m really into podcasts too at the moment.  I find that listening to some inspiring stories, or even updates in your favourite areas (mine being sports, comedy, life and business) can be fun, rewarding and definitely inspiring and motivational – a great way to start the day, or cheer you up on a gloomy rainy one!

The most inspiring ones I follow right now are:

Lewis Howes, he is an American lifestyle entrepreneur and New York Times best selling author.  Through his own experiences in life he is most definitely well placed to help and empower others and he is certainly making it his mission to achieve that.  His podcasts help you learn and discover whilst pursuing your own journey and dreams in business and life.  Daily postings on his Social Media are also very inspiring and informative.  From listening and following Lewis Howes it has given me confidence in following my own dream and working to achieve the life I want.  His ‘School of Greatness’ is a must.  For more on Lewis;

Instagram – Instagram.com/lewishowes

Twitter – @LewisHowes

Website – https://lewishowes.com/

Jen Sincero – a total ‘Badass’!  I first came across this lady in early 2017 at an event held by Marie Claire Magazine, since then she has literally changed my whole world and mindset (yet again a heart emoji moment for me!!).  She is a number 1 New York Times bestselling author and success coach.  From her own experiences by transforming her own life, she now helps others transform theirs.  With quirky hashtags #youareabadass #badassary and #badassoftheweek she is witty, hilarious, informative, straight talking, highly inspirational and her advice is 100% goals!!  For more on Jen;

Instagram – Instagram.com/jensincero

Twitter – @JenSincero

Website – https://jensincero.com/


Well first up it has to be Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach.  Yes It’s no secret that I’m truly inspired by Joe, I have all his books, dvds & now adding to my collection the water bottle & HIIT Mats…oh and you’ll find I do mention him in nearly every conversation I have about food or fitness – GUILTYYY, lol!!

His unique way of engaging his audience to encourage you to follow his HIIT workouts & recipes have helped me and so many others learn so much about health and fitness.  Taking us away from the horrid diets, to helping educate people about nutrition and exercise.  He came up with the 90 Day SSS Plan and #leanin15 which has become a huge success.  I’m addicted to his Insta stories, they are such a great watch, giving you insights into his world and epic personality, with some amazing food in there too!! (what’s not to like…..yes I think this calls for a smiley face and flexed bicep emoji moment!!) For more on Joe;

Instagram – Instagram.com/thebodycoach

Twitter – @thebodycoach

Website – https://www.thebodycoach.com/

Next has to be the amazingly talented and beautiful Rhiannon Lambert.  I have recently become a great follower of Rhiannon, who is an expert and qualified Nutritionist.  Rhiannon has a Harley Street clinic Rhitrition, and specialises in eating disorders, sports nutrition and weight management.   I have found her my go to for expert help and advice when it comes to nutrition, in a world which can be very confusing with advice coming from so many sources, Rhiannon has given me the knowledge that I am getting expert advice from someone qualified and trustworthy.  I love the recipes she has come up with and the way she uses her social media to help inform us about health and how to enjoy all food!  I highly recommend her book Re-Nourish, giving amazing advice in an easy to ready way on how to find a healthy relationship with your body and food, which is right for you as an individual (cause after all, yes we are all different).  The book has some delicious recipes that you will want to try, these are full of goodness and colour (hint – the colour is not only good for your body, but great for an Instagram post to share your cooking skills too!!).

I have recently been lucky enough to listen to Rhiannon’s advice at a well-ness talk.  I found she talks to you in a very engaging and knowledgeable way.  Having had the pleasure of meeting her too, she is a truly warming and kind person and I can’t wait to see more from her in the future – most definitely ‘One to Watch’ (yes its time for that heart emoji again and have to say I am total girl crushing!!).  For more on Rhiannon;

Instagram – Instagram.com/rhitrition

Twitter – @Rhitrition

Website – http://rhitrition.com/

Next up is the talented and adorable Alice Liveing (previously known as Clean Eating Alice).  Alice is a personal trainer and 3 times best selling author, not to mention such a positive and lovely person, with expert training tips and now a Women’s Health Columnist you can’t help but want to follow her.  Her social media has amazing advice and fitness workouts to watch, with helpful recipes and food tips.  Having recently had a fitness wear collection with Primark.  Her Insta stories are second to none, where you get a real insight into her life. Alice is releasing her own App soon so stay tuned for that one too (excited emoji moment!!).  For more on Alice;

Instagram – Instagram.com/@aliceliveing

Twitter – @Aliceliveing_

Now for Rachel Linstead, she is an expert in wellbeing cultures and workplace health and nutritionist, and MD of Firecracker.  A very positive person with some great advice on nutrition and improving motivation.  I find her posts on Instagram inspiring and she shares some top food tips.  For more on Rachel;

Instagram – Instagram.com/Rachel_linstead

Twitter – @Rachel_Linstead

Website – http://www.firecracker-uk.co.uk/

There are so many more I could suggest, but these are definitely my top go to right now! Feel free to suggest any other amazing people you think are a must to follow.

Thanks for stopping by……and follow away!!

Jane 🙂

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