A little bit about me…


So I thought I would start by giving you a little bit of information about me!

Having a degree in Public Relations (BA Hons 2:1 from the University of Lincoln http://www.lincoln.ac.uk/home/) this gave me my passion for PR!  Since then I have gained an interest in all things Brands, Campaigns and Influencers.

I’m very interested in photography, sport, music, health and fitness….and of course my ultimate favourite thing in the whole world is COFFEE (even the word, lol) and I do enjoy travelling to visit independent or recommended coffee houses, to taste great coffee.  I look forward to sharing these places with you.

I love to binge on Netflix now and again (who doesn’t, right!) and am a little addicted to Instagram.  Yes I’m guilty of spending many an hour scrolling through Insta, when I know I should be doing something far more productive…oops!!  Although, I can justify the time spent by saying that I get some great inspiration from doing this, and get to connect with companies and people I may never have got the chance to otherwise so there’s always a positive.

I’m a Hollyoaks geek, never miss an episode!!  It’s so entertaining and they also cover some great issues with their storylines. http://www.channel4.com/programmes/hollyoaks

Having suffered from an anxiety in the past I am a big believer in how important it is to look after both your mental and physical health and wellbeing.  I’m so pleased that from the work of various organisations there is much more support now for people with mental health issues, it’s so important to keep talking about this.

At only 5ft 1inch tall I may be small, but most definitely mighty!!

Jane 🙂





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